The construction industry is booming. With so many branches, including working on high-rise buildings to single-family homes, construction workers may experience a lengthy and varied career. However, if workers are not careful, they may become a statistic in one of the riskiest professions. With so much exposure to dangerous elements, construction can lead to some of the most serious work-related injuries in personal injury. Learn about some of the most common and damaging accidents that happen every day on the job.

Slip and Falls

Construction sites may be littered with debris. Anything strewn on the ground may pose a tripping hazard for workers. Tools left out, discarded building materials, and the like make perfect obstacles. Slipping on standing water and oily substances can also cause falls among workers. Falls on construction sites offer an even higher chance of a serious injury. Some of this is because of the type of debris that may be on the ground, such as nails and screws. Falling on something sharp may cause catastrophic damage.

Fall from Heights

Working from heights is nothing new for many construction workers, yet, falling from ladders, scaffolding, or roofs are the leading causes of injuries on the job. Ladders pose issues if they are not stable or are utilized in a shifting environment. Even though harnesses may be suggested, some workers may not utilize them when working on windows or roofs. Broken bones and head injuries can be the consequence of a fall from almost any height.


Power tools have become the lifeblood of workers on construction sites. They allow for quicker and more accurate work to be performed. However, they also pose an electrocution hazard. When tools are plugged in and come in contact with water, they can become instant conductors for electricity. Any worker stepping in that same puddle may get electrocuted. Another danger is exposure to live wires that are not marked as such. Thus, workers may touch things they believe do not have a current, resulting in shock and perhaps even death.

Contact an Attorney

When a worker has to deal with an injury, the first step is to get immediate medical attention. Swift diagnosis and treatment may help the worker recover from the damage. This does not mean it will be quick or even full. Permanent injury has a high rate of occurrence in construction industry incidents, mostly because of the dangerous circumstances workers deal with daily. A lawyer, can help sort out what injuries may fall under the appropriate negligence laws.