Let’s say you recently received a foreclosure notice on your home. You may now be thinking about what you could possibly do to keep your life in one piece. Maybe you have read online about ways to try and fight a foreclosure, but sadly, it can be immensely challenging to do so without help from a seasoned lawyer. After consulting with you about your situation, here are the foreclosure defenses your lawyer may suggesting utilizing: 

Answering the Complaint and Summons

To foreclose on the property, a lender must have filed an official lawsuit against you. The lender is the plaintiff, and you must act as the defendant in the case. To keep your home, you must follow the lawsuit. The initial step includes prepping your answer to the complaint and summons. Your lawyer can identify errors in the lawsuit if they are present, answer questions on your behalf, and begin defending against the foreclosure in an effort to keep you in your home.

Appearance in Court

Depending on the circumstances, you may have to appear at a settlement conference where you and a representative from a lender discuss a resolution that is mutually agreed upon, and hopefully avoids foreclosure. Your lawyer can represent you and be present along your side during these stressful meetings. 

Unfair Lending Practices

If your lawyer notices that something is not fair or right about the lending terms, they will use this to defend as to why you should still be allowed to keep your home. When a lender doesn’t set up a lendee for success on purpose, it isn’t fair to punish them later on for not being to uphold the agreements. Discuss with your lawyer whether these or other defense strategies may work in your favor.

The last thing you want to happen is to lose your home. Now may be the time to talk with a lawyer before the matter escalates. To have a lawyer come to your foreclosure defense, consider contacting a Foreclosure Defense Law Firm, such as Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law as soon as possible.