If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, then you may be planning to file a claim. When you file a claim, there is a chance that you will hear from the other party’s insurance company. Here is what you need to know about the insurance company’s role in a case.

An Insurance Adjuster’s Role

When the insurance company receives your claim, the company assigns an adjuster to investigate it. Insurance adjusters have a duty to figure out if there is a claim to be made. Now, keep in mind that the adjuster is not your advocate. He or she works for the company and will do his or her best to preserve the company’s profit. This means that he or she may try to pay you as little as possible.

In addition, it is not in an insurance company’s best interest to take a claim to court. Most would rather settle outside of court, but it is up to the two of you to come up with fair negotiations. In a court setting, it is up to a judge and jury to decide liability and award you with damages.

An Insurance Adjuster’s Offer

Insurance adjusters have a process in which they decide the settlement offer. The way that they decide what your claim is worth is through looking into a number of different factors. These factors are your lost income, pain and suffering and the actual expenses. Now, keep in mind that insurance companies also have a maximum amount on the insurance policy. The company will not pay more than that amount. If the damages exceed the insurance, then you will have to collect directly from the person responsible.

An Insurance Adjuster’s Negotiations

After the insurance adjuster makes an offer, you have a choice. You can either accept the offer or continue to negotiate. A lawyer can help you decide whether it is smart to negotiate for a higher price or if you should accept the offer. If you decide to negotiate, then he or she may either agree with the counter-offer or offer another. In some instances, the company will reject your offer entirely. In these cases, you will typically have to go to court.

When it comes to your personal injury case, odds are that you will have to work with an insurance company. It is crucial that you keep in mind that the insurance company is not looking to lose money. You have to be aware of any deals that may be misleading or not worth it. Set up a consultation to discuss your personal injury case with a personal injury attorney, like a personal injury attorney, today.