IRS Tax Lawyers

Tax laws are complex and for that reason, there are many types of tax professions that have spawned off of the endlessly evolving tax code. Choosing the right type of tax professional for your tax situation is an important decision because it can help ensure you the best outcome and can save you money, like an IRS tax lawyer Baltimore, MD from a law firm like Crepeau Mourges, can explain.

 An IRS tax lawyer provides certain benefits that other tax professionals may not. Below are some benefits of using an IRS tax lawyer, typical situations they can be utilized for, and tax solutions they can help with.

Benefits of an IRS Tax Lawyer

Tax Lawyer-Client Privilege

The lawyer-client privilege is a legal concept that is used between lawyers and their clients. This concept makes all communication kept strictly confidential. This concept is used because it encourages clients to disclose all relevant information to their lawyer. If a client discloses all information to the lawyer, the lawyer can provide better advice and will likely be able to represent the client in a more effective manner. This is a privilege that is not offered between accountants and their clients. Many times, individuals that use tax strategies that may be pushing the tax law boundaries may choose to work with a tax lawyer instead of another type of tax professional since the tax lawyer would never be able to testify against them.

Well-Rounded Advice

An IRS tax lawyer will typically have the background and knowledge to offer a wider variety of solutions to a particular tax problem than other types of tax professionals. For example, a CPA or other type of tax professional cannot offer advice for filing for bankruptcy. A tax lawyer will likely have a bigger arsenal of solutions than other types of tax professionals, which is a good thing when dealing with complex or technical tax problems.


A tax lawyer is one of the types of tax professionals that can act on your behalf and represent you before the IRS through power of lawyer representation. With power of lawyer representation, your IRS tax lawyer can represent you at meetings with the IRS, respond to IRS letters, and handle all other forms of IRS correspondence on your behalf. A tax lawyer can also represent you before in tax court for tax issues. Being able to represent you in court is one benefit that other types of tax professionals do not offer.

Tax Negotiation

Tax laws are complex. There is no standard formula to figure out what will be owed, which IRS tax mechanism a taxpayer will qualify for or which penalties the IRS will make the taxpayer liable for. Many factors of the tax code can be negotiated. Tax lawyers generally have superior negotiation skills from their background and training than other types of tax professionals. They can also negotiate on your behalf in tax court, which other tax professions cannot do.

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