Ways To Look for the Right Attorney

There are different ways and methods that can help you to determine the kind of lawyer you will need to meet your legal claim needs.

Common ways that people have begun successful searches include but are not limited to:


Google and other search engines will likely be a valuable tool throughout your quest. Google utilizes the key words or key word phrases that you use to find what you are looking for. There is a good chance that you will use search engines throughout your process of figuring out what kind of lawyer you will need, looking for that lawyer, and researching potential lawyers.

Bar Associations

A bar association is a professional association of lawyers.

State Bar Associations

Each state has a bar association where an attorney pays their dues to keep their licenses current. You can utilize a state bar’s website to look up whether or not a lawyer is licensed to practice in the jurisdiction you need help in. State bars or their disciplinary boards, also provide public information on whether a lawyer is authorized to practice law, is active, and in good standing.

Attorney Directories

All you need to look up a particular lawyer that you are thinking of enlisting help from is their name. Some states have multiple ways to look up an attorney by using only their first or last name, or you can look for attorneys by county, city, or state or firm

It is important to make sure that a lawyer you are considering hiring is in fact licensed to practice in the jurisdiction that you need help in. In addition to providing free attorney directories, state bar associations keep records about complaints and disciplinary actions that have been taken against attorneys that are licensed in that state.

Local Bar Associations

Many cities and counties have local bar associations that provide a variety of services, often including free referral services. Local bar associations are typically voluntary. In addition to providing services to the general public, local bars act as professional organizations for lawyers to make connections to other lawyers, people and groups with common legal interests and goals.

Voluntary Bar Associations

In addition to local bar associations, voluntary bar associations can be bars that cover larger areas such as the southwest, east coast, or the entire United States. Voluntary bar associations often focus a region or location, on common professional interests such as personal injury, bankruptcy, family, or estate law, etc., and/or other commonalities such as ethnicity or religion, to name just a few themes that voluntary bar associations are organized around.

These are just some of the many different avenues that might help you in your search for an attorney that is right for you.