No one wants to be involved in a car accident, even if it is a minor one. Any incident on the road can be inconvenient at the least and devastating in the worst circumstances. If you are a loved one is injured in a collision, you may have the right to a settlement from the insurance company, especially if you were not at fault. In working with the other party’s coverage, you may get a settlement offer. Though the offer may be tempting, it’s important to take a step back and proceed with caution. You want what’s best for you and your family, so don’t rush through the process.

What’s at Stake?

Every time you step into your car, you face risks. Accidents are not uncommon, no matter how safe you drive and how well you obey laws of the road. An accident could cause minor, moderate or even severe injuries to various parts of your body, including your back, neck, head, legs, arms and shoulders. Treating these injuries can be costly, as you may require surgery, long-term care or physical therapy. You shouldn’t have to cover these costs on your own. Auto insurance policies have personal injury protection and accident claim coverage to ease your burden.

Insurance Intervention

If you’re not at fault for the incident, your insurance should still pay up to a certain amount to help pay for your injuries. Anyone in your family should be covered. However, more extensive injuries will exceed what your plan will pay for, which is where the other driver’s insurance comes in. This plan should pick up the bulk of the medical bills. On top of paying for hospital stays, doctor visits, prescriptions and treatments, the other insurance company should pay you for time and inconvenience or for pain and suffering.

Don’t Take the Bait

It’s likely that the other driver’s insurance will offer a settlement quickly in the process. The amount may look good initially, but you should go forward with caution. Many companies will lowball you and pay as little as possible.

What Should You Do?

Your best move is to speak to an experienced accident attorney. A skilled lawyer is accustomed to working with insurance agencies and making sure they pay a fair settlement. Your attorney will detect if the insurance provider is misleading you or not acting lawfully.

Recovering from an accident can be taxing, both physically and mentally. Luckily, a competent lawyer can advise you on what steps to take to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.


Source: Personal Injury Lawyer Trenton, NJ, Davis & Brusca, LLC