Truck Accident Lawyer

When you are in an accident and wish to file a personal injury claim, a lot of attention will be paid to the definitions of the vehicles involved. For instance, you may see terms like big truck or big rig, and these terms can be confusing. Therefore, before filing a claim against a trucking company, make sure you understand the definitions and file suit against the appropriate parties.

Big Trucks

A common term used in many personal injury cases against trucking companies is big trucks. This term or phrase can be confusing for an average motorist, and it can become frustrating when asked to define the type of vehicle that hit them. Most uses of the phrase are referring to commercial trucks, big rigs, semis and any truck between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds. These types of trucks are referred to as big trucks because their weight class puts them at roughly 25 times that of a typical passenger vehicle.


When a big truck is determined to be at fault for an accident, it can be hard to determine liability. The truck driver will likely explain that they drive for a company, and therefore, the company is liable, but the company may say that they have no control over how their operator drives the vehicle. Consequently, it can sometimes be difficult to determine liability. However, in most circumstances, the company that owns the vehicles and employs the driver is likely liable for damages, but to be sure it can be beneficial to discuss the issue with a lawyer or legal firm.

Legal Representation

When going up against a trucking company or any corporate entity for that matter, it is likely a wise decision to consult with an attorney or legal team. However, it is best to find representation with experience in trucking accidents. True, an auto injury attorney is qualified to fight personal injury cases, but a law firm or lawyer with experience going up against trucking companies is likely your best bet. These attorneys have probably seen all the tricks and blame trading before, which means they will be better prepared to defend you and your case.

While car accidents and resulting personal injury cases are trying enough, going toe-to-toe with corporations and companies can be an overwhelming burden for many people. Therefore, instead of getting lost in the jargon and the confusion of liability, contact a lawyer specializing in truck accidents to review your claim and provide you with a possible defense for your case.

Source: Truck Accident Lawyer Canoga Park, CA, Barry P. Goldberg