OWI Lawyer

Dealing with an OWI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated) or DUI (driving under the influence) charge can be stressful and intimidating. If you are convicted of OWI, the consequences can be severe and they can affect you for many years. If you are ever stopped by a police officer, whether or not you have consumed any amount of alcohol, it is important that you understand what to do to keep yourself safe and preserve your rights. The next time you find yourself stopped by a police officer, follow these important tips below.

Remain Calm

It is important to be as calm as possible if you are being asked to pull over. Being pulled over by a cop can be a stressful experience, but it’s important that you try to keep calm and respectful throughout the entire interaction. Situations like these can elevate emotional responses, so you should do whatever you can to remain in control during the situation and exercise good manners.

Keep Your Hands Visible 

Whenever you are at a traffic stop, the police officer will ask you to show your hands or place them on the steering wheel. Do not move your hands from the steering wheel or move them around too much. The police officer will want to see where your hands are at all times. This will give them a sense of ease and it can avoid escalating the situation. If you need to reach for something like your wallet, always ask the police officer or inform them that you want to get an item.

Follow the Officer’s Orders 

At a stop for DUI or OWI, the police officer will give you several instructions. They may ask to see your ID or tell you to step outside for a sobriety test. You should follow the officer’s orders as best as you can. Remember that you do not have to do the sobriety test and they cannot force you to take it. For general instructions, such as if they ask you to show insurance information, follow what they say so that you can finish the interaction as quickly as possible without any issues.

Stay Silent 

Is important to remember that what you say is always being recorded so be mindful of how you respond to the officer.  Be wary of the questions that they’re asking you because they may try to get you to admit to something that you did not do. A skilled OWI lawyer like one from Hall-Justice can tell you to never make any kind of confession or accept any blame directed at you. Make sure that you do not admit to any drinking or criminal behavior. Remember that you have the right to stay silent and not answer any questions. 

Contact a Lawyer 

Do not wait to reach out and set up a consultation with the lawyer if you have been accused of driving under the influence. This is a serious charge and you will need personalized legal help to increase your chances of a good outcome. Learn more legal services available by talking to a trusted lawyer right away.