Trademark law exists to protect the use of phrases, logos, designs, and other marketing materials used by businesses to brand products or services and differentiate the owner’s business in the market among competitors. You are not required to register your trademark, however, when you do have it registered you are then able to enforce your rights, with the law and government behind you, to control its use – or the use of a too similar trademark from another business or person. Trademark law can be complex, and you may find it useful to have the legal knowledge of an experienced trademark infringement lawyer on your side.

Protect Your Interests

Typically, the main reason a business, company, or organization uses a trademark is for marketing purposes to sell a product or service, in other words, to make profits and grow their business. This means that if someone else uses your trademark or makes a similar trademark so that consumers mistake them for you, they are, essentially, stealing your customers and sales that you would otherwise profit from. If your trademark is not registered, it can be a much harder battle to fight to get your rights restored as the owner. Oftentimes, having the trademark from the beginning will deter anyone from even attempting to steal it because they know they will likely lose the battle in court. Having your trademark registered can also help alert those who may have used a similar trademark without knowing they were infringing, because it can make is easier for them to find yours on the market before creating their own.

Hire a Lawyer

No matter your circumstances or business law needs, it is typically recommended that you work with an experienced business or trademark lawyer about how you can protect your business’ interests and keep profits growing. Whether you have already registered a trademark, are ready to get one registered, or need to stop someone from infringing on the rights of your trademark, let a lawyer provide you with legal guidance and advice for you specific situation. You know business and the market for your industry, now let a knowledgeable lawyer help you with the business and trademark aspects of running a successful business. Contact a law firm today to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer who knows the industry and business law.